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Wholesale List.

Wholesale List

When you wholesale with me, I want to make it simple for you to start selling your very own lip glosses and sugar scrubs without having to do anything yourself. Wholesale is perfect for people who are interested in starting their own business or looking to add great products to expand their brand.

In order to purchase wholesale, you must sign and agree to the policy: 

You will use your own product photos to promote and advertise your business. (CANNOT use any of my photos)


You will not duplicate the names of Faithfully True Cosmetics LLC lip glosses at any time!



You agree that you will use your own logo, advertisements, and own words to promote your brand.


Custom Vegan Lip Gloss

My Vegan Lip Gloss has a smooth and glossy look with intense moisture that isn't sticky Lip Gloss is definitely a great product to sell to your customers! All glosses are vegan, cruelty free, and hand made. Your customers will love them. We offer package deals as well, where we will customize your glosses with your logo on them (if needed clear labels only). Below are the prices with and without packaging.


Vegan Gloss Choices                                                 

·       Clear                                                         

·       Silver Glitter

·       Gold Glitter

·       Pink Glitter

·       Purple Glitter

·       Pint Tint

·       Red Tint

·       Chocolate

·       Mauve

·       Berry





Squeeze Tubes (no labels)

(recommend selling at $10) 

20 Tubes - $100

40 Tubes - $240

60 Tubes - $380

80 Tubes - $520

100 Tubes - $600

Squeeze Tubes (Clear Labels w/ Name and Tag Line) 

(recommend selling at $10)

20 Tubes - $140

40 Tubes - $280

60 Tubes - $420

80 Tubes - $560

100 Tubes - $620